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BRITON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH or BSE for short under Axelindo Putra Pratama Foundation established in August 1989 is a language institution that has gained an excellent, reputation in and outward Jakarta, Indonesia for quality in teaching English for Indonesian, Indonesian for Foreigners, Translation work and Interpreting service for over 10 languages.

It is a spesialist and Professional Interpretation and Translation Service Institution for the Indonesian language.

We provide high quality experienced Native speaker Sworn and Non Sworn translators that will translate your document from Indonesian into Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Hnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish,Vice Versa etc.

BSE is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and has several Native English and Indonesian Speakers, full qualified as well as over 20 fully qualified National teachers. It also employs more than 15 Non Sworn Translators, 7 Sworn Translators and some Qualified Interpreters who are known for their prompt and efficient execution of translation and interpreting service.

We feel sure that our offer will be attractive to you and we will do our outmost to fulfill your need.

We look forward to a favorable reply.